Trending Features To Help Sell Your Home

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you might wonder what design features are popular right now and how you can help improve the chances of selling your home for the best price. Here are some trending features to help sell your home.

6 trending features for your home

  1. Stainless steal appliances are sleek in appearance and give the impression of being “higher end”. If you’re appliances are in need of replacement, consider going this route. There are now different variations of stainless appliance:
    • black stainless steel
    • matte or satiny
    • and custom colours
  2. Quarts countertops require less maintenance than some other types of counters and generally, wear very well and last a long time. Marble is less expensive than quartz, but is a softer stone so it may not be ideal for kitchens. Quartz, an engineered stone, is arguably the most durable option for kitchens.
  1. Built-in bars are popular with homebuyers who love to entertain a lot. It can become its own focal point or gathering place in your home when you have friends or family over. You can even get crafty with your bar and build them in small spaces such as under the stairs.
  1. Freestanding bathtubs take up more space, which a lot of homes don’t have so they are often considered more of a luxury item. The more elegant appearance of a freestanding tub makes them stand out versus a traditional built-in tub.
  1. The minimalist look featuring an open plan and neutral colors appeals to a lot of homebuyers because it makes the home feel clean and well cared for, with very little clutter.
  1. Smart homes. Thermostats that can adjust the temperature at specific times, lights that turn on by themselves and security systems are all great features that add to your homes attractiveness.

While there are many more ideas for ways to improve your homes appearance to suit the current “hot trends”, these are a few to get you started. Or, maybe you already have some of these features and just need to make some minor enhancements.

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